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One Deck Dungeon - Phoenix's Den Download] [Keygen]

One Deck Dungeon - Phoenix's Den Download] [Keygen] >

About This Content The first thing you'll notice is the sweltering heat. The further you go into the dungeon, the more your enemies will doggedly pursue you. And to finally reach the Phoenix itself, you must endure its terrifying screech. Only the bravest heroes can handle the heat of the Phoenix's Den! This DLC includes the Phoenix's Den dungeon card for One Deck Dungeon. 6d5b4406ea Title: One Deck Dungeon - Phoenix's DenGenre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, StrategyDeveloper:Handelabra Games Inc.Release Date: 22 May, 2018 One Deck Dungeon - Phoenix's Den Download] [Keygen] So the Phoenix is a 2-star boss\/area card. The screenshots show perfectly what ur buying. There is nothing more to it, no new monsters or traps. I was kinda hoping for a 3-star boss, but this fight felt like a 2,5 star battle, which is okay. I just finished my first novice attempt and succeded with 4 potions left, so I feel its really doable. Had fun for \u20ac0,79, would recommend if you like the main game :D. PS: If the mods read this, please keep them cards coming, if they are a buck a piece, I'd buy all you throw at me :).. Tricky dungeon. The second level takes away your ability to use black dice on armor boxes and the third level makes you discard all your 3s whenever you roll them. It can make for some challenging encounters for sure. The Phoenix itself has only 2 life, but can be hard to damage. You'll want to run a little heavy on yellow dice to make sure you can cover the bottom row. All in all a good addition to ODD's collection of dungeons. Worth a buck.



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